WE HELP EXECUTIVES AND BUSY professionals beat burn out and Operate at peak performance with the ff method


GET IN The Best SHAPE of your life


A certified, experienced trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine will be engineering your training system to best fit your physique goals.

Meal Planning & Nutrition Guidance

After a review of your Dexascan and/or bloodwork, we will create a customized nutrition system that suits your lifestyle and goals.

Corrective Exercise

Our founder and CEO Adelina Feuerbacher has a background in Physical Rehabilitation and Kinesiology. She specializes in addressing muscle imbalances and injury avoidance through flexibility, strength, and functional training.



Biometric Nutrition System

Virtual Group Coaching

One-On-One Virtual Health Coaching

One-On-One Training Sessions





Are you waking up tired and feeling like you are aging too quickly?

Are you experiencing brain fog or decreased productivity at work?

Do you feel like you do not have the time to engage in healthier eating habits or training at the gym?

Are you lacking results despite efforts in the gym?



I have been working with Adelina for almost a year now. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and had difficulty managing my weight and blood sugar levels. Adelina was very knowledgeable and educated me on healthy eating habits to decrease blood sugar. She took the time to understand my busy schedule and created a plan that works best for me. She assessed any muscle imbalances I had and showed me how to properly engage in resistance training to ensure I wouldn't injure myself. I've lost 50 lbs and will continue to work with Feuery Fitness to reach my goal weight. She truly cares about her clients and I 100% recommend the Feuery Fitness Health System to anyone in the entrepreneurial space.

Laura Egocheaga

CEO & Founder of Viral Growth Media

I run my own brokerage company and I am a full-time mom. Adelina understood that I do not work a traditional 9-5 job and my schedule is quite sporadic with showings and closings. She created a system for me that works with my lifestyle and has helped me maintain a great figure. I'm 37 but look and feel like I'm in my twenties! I recommend Feuery Fitness to all of my fellow realtors and executive clients.

Adriana Ortiz

CEO and Founder of Wayfinder Real Estate

I own and operate a busy chiropractic and physical therapy clinic. All of my patients loved having Adelina as their therapist. She is knowledgeable and educated in the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems. She addressed any muscle imbalances or postural abnormalities our patients had and sent them home with an exercise program to target their weaknesses. We were sad to see her leave when she decided to start her own company however we knew she would succeed!

Dr. Seth M. Lott

Chiropractic Physician

Owner of Tampa Spine & Wellness

Hi, my name is Laura Avila-Smith! I have been receiving my vegan meal plans from Adelina for almost a year now and I’ve seen tremendous results in my lifting abilities. I never realized how diet plays such a big role in strength building! She was first recommended to me by a friend. After I saw the amazing results he had when he had been doing her program for a while, I was immediately impressed and had to meet his coach. I’ve been hooked ever since! She is very attentive and is always there for advice and encouragement. Thank you, Adelina!

Laura Avila-Smith

CEO & Founder of Pristine Pours

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